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Good to see you are back on line. I would like to offer everyone who has signed up to Spanish life Quesada to a 20% discount on vehicle legal fees. Whether it be a Transfer, Importation, Vehicle Data Check or any other service we provide. Just visit and dont forget to quote Spanish life Quesada for that 20% discout. Thank you


I have had a good look at your website and I think that you are the answer to my problem, I will contact you just before I come over and arrange to see you.
Do I get the 20% discount you offered?

Commented Dave Long in Rojales 2011-03-06 17:00:11 UTC

Hi Dave. You will indeed receive 20% discount. Feel free to fill in the online form on our website with some details about your car, I can prepare a quote for you, if you wish.

Commented Felipe in Quesada 2011-03-07 14:38:17 UTC


Hello Everyone

Richard & Lorraine



Hi everyone,

I have just purchased a new property in Quesada and was wondering where I could purchase some goods. I am looking to buy a shower screen, oven and a washing machine. I would be very grateful for any information received.

Many thanks



Hi Will,
I would recommend " Donde" I have used them many times and the service was great. All items are installed and the afterservice is great. I would say that they are not the cheapest but they are also not the most expensive.. You only get what you pay for!! You will find them just outside the arches,at roundabout turn right.
You will get items cheaper in Carrefours but in my experience the aftersales were shocking.
Hope you find what you need...

Commented Ged in Quesada 2011-03-07 08:04:29 UTC


What happened to Quesada Life I have been using it for the last 5 years and then it went off line. Its good to see it back.
I am looking forward to meeting up with old friends on the forum.

If anyone is there I need a hand with car hire, we are coming over in 7 weeks (counting the days) but our car is off the road, its an English one and we have had it in Spain for 12 months now and the tax and M.O.T has run out, so we need to rent, does anyone know a place that we can get a car at the right price please


Hi Dave I have the contact details of a guy I know that only charges 10 Euros a day, min 3 days is that what you are looking for?

Commented Team ASL "A Spanish Life" in La Marina 2011-03-03 20:28:15 UTC

Thanks Steve that is an amazing price, I hope you do not mind me asking but are the cars all OK, insured and in full working order

Commented Dave Long in Rojales 2011-03-03 20:42:49 UTC

Can you please post the information about this car hire as I am also interested at that price

Commented Papillon in La Marina 2011-03-04 08:43:14 UTC

Can you also let me know any details regarding this ?
Many thanks

Commented jockkennedy2008 in Quesada 2011-03-05 13:03:01 UTC

Hi Dave,
I run a legal service firm that deals frequently with vehicle registration. It may be worth your time registering on to spanish plates rather than paying rent. either way, take a look at our website, and feel free to send me an email anytime for some advice.
Best of luck

Commented Felipe in Quesada 2011-03-05 21:04:44 UTC

Thats a very good idea, I had not thought of it. I will have a look at your website and then come and see you when I am over.


Commented Dave Long in Rojales 2011-03-06 09:03:55 UTC

Here are the detais for the car hire

Contact Phil on 0034 660099862 or 0034 966715235 He is only just out side Quesada but will bring the car to you. Please tell him Steve from Quesada life recommended him

Commented Team ASL "A Spanish Life" in La Marina 2011-03-06 16:56:16 UTC


Nice to see you around again!



Aha!!.. Back I see.... Excellent! There are enough people in Quesada to make this a very useful and interesting site. Good luck for the future..



Hello to everyone in Quesada this is the new forum bought to you by Quesada Life.

Great to have you back

Commented Suzette in Quesada 2011-03-03 21:58:49 UTC

Steve, Just to let you know the email you sent me doesn't work but as you'll see I've rejoined the forum. Good luck with it. Maz

Commented Maz in Quesada 2011-03-04 18:58:23 UTC

Hi Maz great to have you back with us. My email address is

I will be in Quesada on the 13th for 5 days would love to meet up

Commented Team ASL "A Spanish Life" in La Marina 2011-03-04 19:16:23 UTC

You have been missed.

Commented blogwriter in Quesada 2011-03-05 23:33:58 UTC


Can you let me know the car hire service for 10 euros per day ?


Contact Phil on 0034 660099862 or 0034 966715235
He is only just out side Quesada but will bring the car to you. Please tell him Steve from Quesada life recommended him

Commented Team ASL "A Spanish Life" in La Marina 2011-03-05 13:35:47 UTC


Hi there
I wondered what had happened to Quesada Life, good to see you back.
It has been three years since we booked a villa from you and had a fantastic six months in the sun, while the rest of our family froze in the uk.
How are things going?


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